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I have extensive experience with both portrait and landscape commissions. I prefer to work from life whenever possible, sketching and taking photographic notes for the creation of the final painting.

Why do I paint portraits? To me, people are the most challenging and therefore the most satisfying subject to paint. Each person can be portrayed in an infinite number of ways, and each person is unique.

When choosing which medium to use, I utilize oil paint for its subtle lush color and potential for dramatic statement. Oil paintings glow with warmth and help me convey the beauty of the human form. I generally use acrylic paint for my landscape studies, for its quick drying properties enable me to work rapidly to capture the moment's light. I use pastel when I want to achieve an especially bold and colorful translation of my artistic perceptions. Its immediacy and freshness allow me to capture exiting visual experiences in a way no other medium can.

I prefer to paint landscapes on location. After I have scouted a location, and determined the best time of day and season for that particular view, I will come back and work for three to five days in a row, weather permitting, to complete my impressions of that view. If the weather changes, I may have to come back during the same season the following year to complete that painting. For larger landscape commissions, I use small studies painted on location as well as photographs as my reference material.




Pricing starts at $2,000.00 for landscape and portrait paintings.

For more information, please contact the artist via email ( or by calling (925) 819-2333.